Other Aussie Brands We LOVE

The below are 100% Australian brands that we just LOVE. 

We only recommend brands that we know, trust and whose products we actually use as parents! Show these other Aussie businesses some love. 

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Karion Kids

Karion Kids was founded after taking one too many trips with kids. Either lugging around a massive pram, or leaving it behind because it was too big, it simply felt like there needed to be a better way - the Karion Travel Stroller. 

Breeze through check-in, customs, security, onto the flight and off again. Karion's unique design means you can bring it with you onto the plane, and safely store it in the overhead locker.

Click here to check them out - https://karionkids.com.au/ 


Established by an Australian Mum, to ease other busy mums' lives.

Mumilk is an Australian-owned business, created by a busy Mum of two tiny ones. After expressing with many different inconvenient breast-pumps, I thought it was time Australia was introduced to a hands-free, bottle-free, cord-free and hassle-free revolutionary electric breast pump.

Let the Mumilk Pump be your Breast Friend during your Breast-Feeding journey, and enjoy the well-deserved Freedom it will bring to your busy Mum Life.

Click here to check them out - https://www.mumilk.com.au/

Mira Pro

Any Mums unlucky enough to be suffering from endometriosis or bad period pain? This is for you! 

The medical community has loved TENS technology for decades - we just made it wireless, compact, and designed the pulse frequencies to perfectly mute your period pain!

Click here to check them out -  https://mirapro.com.au/